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3 Tips when you’re alone for a concert
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3 Tips when you’re alone for a concert

So your friends ditched you last minute or let’s say they don’t have a good ear for music and you’re all alone for your favorite music concert. Well, don’t fret because you can still enjoy yourself, just like you had planned. After all, it’s your favorite band and you wouldn’t miss it for the world, right? Today, I would like to share some simple tips that will not make you so conscious if you are alone. Let's understand one thing, if you keep thinking about looking silly, you will definitely feel silly. This is something you must avoid, especially if you want to enjoy yourself. So let’s get started!

Keep moving around

Even though people are not going to keep a tab on you, but since you are a bit conscious, an easy way to evade questions about who you are with is to be on the move. You can enjoy the concert from different spots and not be noticed for a long time. People around you won’t understand who you’ve come with either! So I think it’s a great cover.

Meet new people

Here’s a great chance for you to meet new people. Think about it, these people love the same band that you do and might even have similar beliefs! So don’t be shy, no one is going to judge you. Just be yourself and make the most of the moment. You can exchange smiles, talk about the band and how you love music, etc. Just go with the flow!

Don’t over think anything

Lastly, don’t over think it. The more hassled you get; the more evident it will become that you’re not having a great time. If you think positively and focus on the good music, you will find it easier to get along and enjoy yourself. In fact, the good vibes will help you forget that you’re alone in the first place. Actually, it’s good to be on your own every once in a while. You should be able to be comfortable in your own skin. So stand proud and enjoy every bit of the concert.

So there you go, hope these tips help you! Remember its all about enjoying yourself in the end.

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  1. Rits
    I have missed a concert for this very fear, but I will try and take the plunge next time! thanks for sharing this, I found it motivational :)
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    1. Bree
      I think you will do great this time! Don't be afraid, just embrace yourself and your love for music!
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  2. Gils
    Sharing this one!
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    1. Bree
      Thank you so much Gils, appreciate it :)
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  3. Harshit
    I know some one who will benefit from this article! Will share this one with them!
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  4. Suraj
    Agree ! Sharing!
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  5. jigyansha samnani
    I agree..voted+1
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  6. Nara
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