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4 Tips to Maintaining Your Vinyl Like a Boss
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4 Tips to Maintaining Your Vinyl Like a Boss

You understand the value of vinyl records. You recognize the necessity of cleaning, proper handling, and correctly storing expensive and valuable vinyl. But here are a few more specific tips to help you jeep the party going.

1.) Records should be kept away from direct sunlight and humidity at all times.

In fact, they should always be kept in the sleeve and jacket.  Preservation plays an important role in determining a records value in the future.

2.) Clean with a brush.

First and foremost, you must regularly clean each vinyl record with a special cleaning brush. The brush should be an anti-static record cleaning brush. The best time to clean your record is just before playing and directly after you are done playing it. This ensures a longer record life. Keep wiping the brush with a soft cloth so as to remove accumulating dust. Change the brush at regular intervals.

3.) Clean with a liquid solution.

Regular brushing of vinyl records is a good practice, but sometimes it is necessary to use a liquid solution to clean them. If you have many records, I would suggest that you buy a record cleaning machine. You could also clean them by hand. However, this is time-consuming. You should use a safe liquid solution and a brush to go along the groves. Once the record is cleaned, let it dry vertically.

4. Plastic sleeves.

Using the right sleeves can help you tremendously in the long run, as they protect your collection The sleeves can keep the dirt and dust at bay. Even though paper sleeves work, I would suggest using plastic sleeves. They are anti-static in nature and can last a long time.

Enjoy the music!

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