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6 Rare Tips for First Time Gig-Goers
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6 Rare Tips for First Time Gig-Goers

Every gig is different. When exploring venues and shows, you’ll encounter different types of genres, cultures, and people. I’ve been a music gig-goer for more than a decade now, and I wouldn’t trade my Saturday nights for anything other than late night gigs. Sometimes, I even organize my own music gigs.

I learn a lot from going out and meeting new people at shows. From years of observing other gig goers, I've learned that most people are musically inclined. Some people out there simply stick close to home to listen to their favorite pre-recorded music. They don’t know what they're missing-- the beauty of going out and watching live music is truly awesome. 

For those who have decided to go out and unleash the music lover in them, here are a number of tips I'd love to share. I'm only providing a few, but these will definitely help out folks who are clueless about how to act at great gigs. 

1. Wear comfortable clothes

Remember, the venue itself is going to be way hotter than it is outside. As time goes on, chances are the place could become jam-packed, and all that body heat adds up quick. Dress lightly and don't wear a jacket. In addition, you better think twice before wearing those 3-inch high-heeled pumps. You can still be stylish in sensible shoes. 

2. Do not bring a big bag

It’s best to simply use a small bag and one that's easy to throw diagonally over your shoulder, so you don't have to worry about being inconvenienced or annoyed by it. Once, I brought a big backpack to a gig. Because of it, I wasn’t able to jump up and down to my favorite songs. Big mistake. It limited the experience for me. Whatever you carry, bring your ID.  

3. Just be yourself

Don't stand around worrying what other people are thinking about you. They're not. 

4. Talk to people

It may be awkward to converse with strangers, but meeting new similarly-spirited people at shows can be life-enhancing. Striking up a conversation up isn't as hard as usual at an event like this, where you already share some common ground.

5. Be cool to the performers

Musicians are people too, and they just want to have fun entertaining you. Don't yell at them or put them down. Keep it kind.

6. Stop taking so many pictures

Keep your camera or mobile phone inside your bag and watch the show like a normal person. Some people take way too many videos and pictures, forgetting the essence of really being at a live concert. It's sad that some people forget this and in my opinion, miss the whole point.

In the end, not all concerts are the same, so you should be prepared for a diverse set of experiences and people. After all, that's the best part. 

Photo credit: The Key

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  1. Electrohome
    Great tips for new concert goers. Thanks Camille, and welcome to the Electrohome blog!
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    1. CamilleRockstar
      Thank you so much. Really enjoyed writing this! :D
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  2. Electrobbit
    This is an awesome read!
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  3. MaritaPunk
    My first experience going to a gig was also my first ever date with a guy. Well, I'd have to say it's so fun than watching a movie!
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