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Bidding on Music: What You Need to Know About Song Ownership
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Bidding on Music: What You Need to Know About Song Ownership

You've been practicing your music for days. Your band is ready to perform. Before you perform original music, there are a few things you should know. You should seriously think about registering with BMI (Broadcast Music Inc) or ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) to get royalties from your work. You also need to establish song credits to ensure the right person get the credit for the work. You don't need to register with the copyright office to claim ownership, but it does protect you from infringement of your work.

Things to Know Before Purchasing Music:

You want to use a song in your new video. You've heard about bidding sites and wonder if it's safe to use the songs in public. When you are bidding on music, you must be aware of what permissions will be needed. Music that is under copyright protection is guarded from unauthorized copying and distribution without the owner's permission.

Purchasing for Private Collections: 

Purchasing music to play privately is covered under copyright law. You can purchase music online to play on your MP3 player, CD player or other device. Illegally downloading or copying any music will subject you to fines and prison.

Purchasing to Use in Public:

Music that is in the public domain is free to use both privately and publicly. You need to obtain two sets of permissions before using copyrighted material. Professionals, like those at Carter West, know that getting permission for copyrighted material is of the utmost importance. The first set is from the owner and the second set is from the publisher. Using copyrighted material without the owner's permission can subject you to fines and prison.

Things to Know Before Bidding:

It is important that you do your research if you are planning to bid on copyrighted music. BMI and ASCAP are the two most recognized organizations where you can start researching ownership. Bidding sites should state in their policies whether or not they have permission from the owners to allow their customers to use songs commercially. Some bidding sites are specifically designed for private or home usage. Commercial or public use of songs is prohibited.

You should know that the bidding site has permission to obtain the rights of commercial usage before you purchase the music. It can be a bit complicated, but it doesn't have to be. There are some bidding sites that will state that they will obtain permission from the owners to utilize their music on their sites.

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