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Chad VanGaalen & Bry Webb Release Split 7" on Wyatt Records
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Chad VanGaalen & Bry Webb Release Split 7" on Wyatt Records

April 25th marks the inaugural vinyl release by brand new Canadian indie label Wyatt Records, born out of the ashes of former label Mammoth Cave. Pairing Canadian freak-folk Chad VanGaalen with Constantines frontman Bry Webb seems like a natural fit, as the two artists have toured together in the past and share a similar folk-leaning sensibility. What's more, both artists are Sub Pop Records alumni.

The songs in question are two new compositions, with Webb performing "Modern Mind" on the A-side while VanGaalen performs "Primitive Brain" on the B-side. "Modern Mind" is a moody and hypnotic folk song to be sure, and is further proof of why two like-minded souls such as Webb and VanGaalen benefit from being paired together via the sweet, sweet medium that is 7" vinyl. While VanGaalen's "Primitive Brain" has yet to emerge online, if his 2014 album Shrink Dust is any indication, it will not disappoint, undoubtedly wrought with existential angst much like the high majority of his output since 2006 or so.

Getting down to the nitty gritty details for all the vinyl freaks out there, Wyatt Records is limiting their initial run of this 7" to 500 copies on black vinyl. This is a noteworthy vinyl release not only because it signifies the first time VanGaalen and Webb have appeared together on a split release, but also because it's arguably the first chance to get on the Wyatt Records bandwagon before the rest of Canada, the U.S., and indeed the world gets hip to the music that they are releasing. Thus far, the only other Wyatt Records release is a cassette-only pressing of Canadian synth-pop outfit Melted Mirror. If I was to wager a guess at what might be coming down the pipeline next from this label, I'd be inclined to think of Canadian indie outfits past and present such as Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet and the prolific punk outfit Fucked Up.

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