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Legacy of the Doors
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Legacy of the Doors

Some people think that you need quite a long time to attain a remarkable achievement. But this was not true for the Doors. In less than 5 years, they had carved a niche in Rock ‘n’ Roll. It’s true that the premature death of Jim Morrison in 1971 dealt a huge blow to the group, but the music still lives on. Their rich lyrical content and the legendary solos continue to dominate the industry and reverberate in the ears of many vinyl lovers - young and old alike.

Now that we are nearing their 50th anniversary, a couple of things will be remembered about the Doors. Actually, 50 years ago, probably nobody could have thought they’ll dominate the halls of fame decades later. In honor of their 40th anniversary, an exhibit was opened to celebrate the artists. Their record-breaking productions were featured at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Certainly, the fete will go a notch higher next year.

Back in 1967, the Doors stormed the scene against the backdrop of rising psychedelic groundswell in the West Coast. They also stood out among their counterparts. While the mainstream singers chose the brighter realms, the Doors took a different path.

The group released a couple of albums within their short 4 years in the game. But there are some absolute hits that really helped them to climb the ladder. “Light my Fire” was the song that many think helped the Doors rise tremendously. In the hit, rhythm, vocals and lyrics light up the souls of millions of music lovers even today.

Definitely, there is no other group in the American history that has been able to accomplish that success in just four years. They were easily integrated into the rest of the society to become the household name, despite all the controversy surrounding them. To many Americans of the time, the Doors were like a part of the family.

Additionally, many teenagers today associate themselves with their work. In fact, Jim Henke of the Rock ‘n’ Roll and Museum revealed during their 40th anniversary that over 2 million albums are sold yearly. Perhaps not so surprisingly, a huge chunk of the buyers is in their 20s, a proof that their music really transcends generations and finds it’s way to our hearts, even half a century later.

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