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Looking for Your Vinyl? Dash to the Best Stores
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Looking for Your Vinyl? Dash to the Best Stores

Chances are that anyone who is very serious about music will tell you that the purest sound comes from a vinyl record. While listening to music through a CD player or an mp3 player is much easier, the sound files stored on these devices are so compressed and altered that the true nature of the music is lost.

This is the reason so many people are going back to listening music through vinyl records. The sound on a vinyl may have some imperfections from the recording process, but it is much richer than the sound that comes from more recent forms of music recording. If you are one of the people who are looking to create a vinyl collection of their own, following are some of the best stores in the UK that you should dash towards.

Something for Everyone

If you are looking for a store that covers all the basics, then Vinyl Tap might be the place to check out. It has used vinyl records, collectible ones, as well as new ones. You can even browse their huge CD and cassette collection if you feel like it.

Secondhand Wonders

If you want a store where you can browse a huge collection of used vinyl records, take a trip to Beatdown Records in Newcastle. At the front of the shop you’ll see a large number of new records and CDs. Once you move to the back of the store, however, you’ll be surrounded by secondhand records. There’s a good chance you’ll find the vinyl you’re looking for at this store, so dash to it when you’re ready to be in a vinyl wonderland.

For that Something Specific

There are many people who like to listen to a specific genre of music. Luckily for them, there are record stores that specialize in selected types of music. One of these, for all the reggae fans out there, is Supertone in Brixton. It has a multitude of seven inch records that are just waiting for you.

For people who like modern, club music, Underground Solushn has a great collection. If you’re more into jazz and soul music, you should plan a visit to The Little Record Shop in Haringey.

A Combination of Food and Music

Who doesn’t like a good coffee and hot bagels? Add to that a small, but tasteful, collection of records and CDs and you’ve got a winner. That is why Brill café, in Exmouth Market, is recommended by the locals of London.

While people are slowly realizing the worth of vinyl records once again in today’s world, there aren’t many places that offer records in the market. The places that do offer them, however, like the ones mentioned here, are loved by the people who know about them. If you also love the quality of music on a vinyl record as opposed to a CD or mp3 player, then stop looking any further and dash to some of the best stores in the UK.

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