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Love Music And Arts? 6 Rewarding Careers You Should Consider
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Love Music And Arts? 6 Rewarding Careers You Should Consider

Individuals aspiring to find a lucrative and meaningful career in music and art should not be discouraged by the myth that these occupations are overly competitive or simply not attainable. This article details six rewarding positions in the music or art field that are both fulfilling and high in demand.

Music Therapy

Music therapists work in a variety of institutional settings, including rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, occupational therapy centers, not-for-profit community agencies, and private doctor's offices. The goal of music therapy is to provide individuals living with mental, physical, or developmental impairments with the ability to learn communication and coping skills through the exploration of music.

Private Music Instruction

Private music instructors focus on teaching individual or groups one specific instrument, but occasionally possess the expertise necessary to coach students to become proficient on several instruments. Private music instructors enjoy flexibility in the appointments they schedule with their students, the level of instruction they teach and the locations in which they hold their classes.

Art Therapy

Art therapists and music therapists provide a similar service, but art therapy is centered more around the expression of emotion through visual art. Professionals working in this field counsel patients in hospitals, prisons, rehabilitation centers, and psychotherapy sessions by guiding them through exercises that blend elements of visual art with talk therapy.

Music Education

Music education is a popular occupation among music majors due to the variety of tasks and responsibilities required of them. For instance, many music teachers choose to teach one instrument in particular, whereas others lead entire orchestras, marching bands, or concert bands. The majority of states require music teachers to receive a degree in music education in addition to a teaching certification. Those who aspire to teach at a post-secondary level will need to acquire a master's or doctoral degree. A master’s degree in music education online can help you reach your career goals in this field.

Art Gallery Curator

Art gallery curators are responsible for one of the most important components of the fine arts world. Curators are responsible for managing various galleries' entire collections of sculptures, paintings, photographs and other objects of art. Most qualifying gallery curators will possess a minimum of a Bachelor of Art History and some training in business administration.

Graphic Design

Graphic artists utilize both visual art and technology to create demonstrative compositions for advertisements, album covers, magazines, book covers and more. Graphic design is an extremely prominent field as the use of computers and editing programs have become increasingly popular in the use of art and design, making it a very practical position to enter.

These are just a few of the many realistic, gratifying career paths for dedicated visual thinkers. Music education is a major component in many schools, and these careers can help you make a difference.

Image source: Flickr Creative Commons, Yoppy.

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