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Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards Review
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Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards Review

“In the distant future of year 1992, war has returned to the galaxy.”


Once again, Gloryhammer forewarns us of the epic tale that is about to be told. Thus, Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards begins. Building on their initial offering, Tales From the Kingdom of Fife, Angus McFife and the rest of the band return, this time in the future….sort of.

Again we are treated to a dynamic instrumental track to begin our quest. While bringing in bits of each song on the album, it melts seamlessly into the next song. Perhaps it’s coincidence but once again, track 2 on the album, Rise of the Chaos Wizards, is my absolute favorite. It has incredibly driving drums and simple yet epic guitar work. The real force behind the song is Angus McFife(Winkler) himself. His vocals are on point and his vocal range is showcased. The song builds throughout to a tremendously climactic modulation. While not on the album, there is an official music video for this song. Yes, it’s cheesy and no, it doesn’t make it any less awesome.

As the album progresses, we are told the next chapter in the epic tale of Fife. Rest assured that Gloryhammer embraced the futuristic theme on this album. There are lasers, space travel and the revelation that the Knights of Crail are now guardians of the universe. We travel to the Darkstorm Galaxy, home of the Goblins. We search for the Astral Hammer and explore the Galactic Fortress with the Questlords of Inverness. The Hollywood Hootsman’s tale is told and we hear of the gathering of forces known as the Heroes of Dundee to stand against the evil Zargothrax.

The story the Gloryhammer shares builds off of the first album and continues the epicness. One can only hope that Angus continues to ward off Zargothrax at all costs and we can rest assured we are safe.

Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards is also available in a special edition pack that I highly recommend. It is incredibly well done and the music is beautiful. It’s hard to not belt out Winkler’s lyrics while listening to it.

All in all, another fun filled solid album from the Scottish-Swiss group. They truly are worth a listen if you never have. If you’ve never considered power metal as a genre you could enjoy, try Gloryhammer first. It’s fairly accessible and has a lot to offer any music fan if approached with an open mind. If you happen across The Hollywood Hootsman, I dare you to try to hit the note Winkler nails near the end of the song. Wow. Two thumbs up again!


Rock on and find your groove.


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