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The Magic of EXIT Festival
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The Magic of EXIT Festival

It’s about that time of the year again when music lovers get a thrill of their lifetime in Serbia. Slated for July 7th to 10th this year is the EXIT festival, as magical as ever before. Here are four enchanting things about the award-winning festival that will push you to grab a ticket.

Magical Venue

As you approach the venue of the EXIT summer festival this year, you will be personally connected with it from the very start. You could say the whole experience will be a bit magical - a tussle of some sort. Petrovaradin Fortress is a place of its kind on the planet. Replete with spectacular atmosphere and sonically sequestered stage, the Fortress is second to none. Many EXIT festival frequenters adore the venue since the summer event was conceived close to two decades ago and received many fans in the process.

Campsite Beach

The most amazing thing with the beach is its proximity to the music show venue. Situated on the Danube River, campsite beach is the perfect place to dust the tiredness off your feet and body. The striking sun rays will heal your body just like the music will your mind.

Winding Down

Okay, you have shaken your body from dusk to dawn. The beats of the music are still echoing in your ears. Not to forget the screams in your stomach asking to be replenished. Now that shouldn’t worry you while in Petrovaradin. Everything is wonderfully taken care of. After waking up, you will be spoilt for choice - plenty of bars, shops and restaurants are close, calling you to try something different and "charge your batteries" so you get your energy for a new night of dancing. While there, make sure you try a national drink called rakija, but have a glass of water at hand while doing so.

Amazing Sea Dance

Well, the dance will not only be inside the skillfully lit stage but also at the sea. Miss it, miss out! This is an aspect of the EXIT festival that you can’t afford to overlook. After the party in Petrovaradin Fortress comes to an end, a new one starts at the shore of Montenegro, a small country right next to Serbia. Think of it as yin and yang, two parts of the whole experience.

Still thinking? Well, don't take too long or you'll miss one of the best festivals Europe has to offer. Go and grab the tickets and put everything you will need in order. Early preparations will save you time and money. What then? See you soon at the Petrovaradin Fortress!  

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