Bringing vinyl back.

Underground Vinyl London
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Underground Vinyl London

Human beings have a habit of constantly looking for new ways to do certain things. We strive to make our lives easier and more streamlined. This allows us to make our lives generally better, but it also causes some good things to be lost.

Vinyl records used to be a very famous medium for the consumption of music. But as time went by, newer gadgets came about that made listening to music much easier. The rise of digital music listening formats took the world by storm, and the culture of collecting and listening to the crackling music on a vinyl slowly got pushed back into the shadows of history.

Overtaken, Not Forgotten

While vinyl records may not be seen as often today as they were many years ago, the fact remains that many people around the globe still prefer them as a medium for consuming music. An underground vinyl culture has been raging on in London for a long time now, and people who crave a more authentic music listening experience are fueling it relentlessly.

Rhythm Section – Bringing Vinyl Back to the Club

Rhythm Section is Peckham’s very own dance event that takes place twice a month. The idea behind this event is to bring the people who appreciate music closer together. There is a ‘no photos’ policy in place, which encourages the culture of verbal interaction among music lovers. The DJ’s use vinyl records at the event, as opposed to digital CD’s or MP3 players.

One of the masterminds behind Rhythm Section says that the reason for choosing vinyl is not only to revive a culture that has been sent underground in London, but also because choosing a vinyl for a dance event requires more scrutiny from the DJ’s. This makes the whole process much more personal and leads to better results.

Promoting the Vinyl Culture

Another hyped underground vinyl event in London goes by the name of Vinyl Club. This event is organized by Kiri and Kostas Poulos. Both the founders of this club love the concept of vinyl records. They have been hosting the event for two years and their main purpose is to appreciate the quality of music on a vinyl, as well as to provide performance and learning spaces to young individuals.

Moreover, the Vinyl Club also hosts lectures and presentations by well-known DJ’s who are a source of motivation for the younger crowd.

Another event, As One Ldn, was started under a year ago by three people with a common love for vinyl records. They appreciate the sound that comes out of a vinyl, and prefer the soft and smooth tone of it to the exaggerated and often altered sound of more digital mediums. These are the kinds of events that are helping London’s underground vinyl scene thrive.

So as one can see, the vinyl culture is not quite dead in the world. Yes, other formats have clearly taken over the music industry, but vinyl records still hold a special place in the hearts of many people around the world.

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