Bringing vinyl back.

Vinyl Revival Is Here
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Vinyl Revival Is Here

There has been a growing buzz about the revival of the vinyl industry for the past few years. Vinyl sales have seen a steady increase, either due to people’s newfound appreciation for this classical music listening medium, or the fact that vinyl records are now considered to be collector’s items.

This revival, however, is incomplete if new vinyl records are not being manufactured on a regular basis. One reason for their low numbers is that there are no new and modern vinyl pressing machines that can increase production. Keeping this in mind, a Canadian firm, Viryl Technologies, is aiming to increase these numbers with their new record press.

An Innovation born out of Necessity

The growing demand of vinyl cannot be met due to the lack of modern machinery. Most of the companies still making records are using old presses, which slows down the process of manufacturing. This is why the people at Viryl Technologies thought of designing their very own, modern record press. While it will not be enough to satiate the global demand for vinyl on its own, it might cause other people to come up with similar ideas.

Automation Taking Preference

Before Viryl Technologies took this step, other companies like Third Man Records had also tried to bring back the vinyl. The company had announced last year that it would open a new record pressing plant in the state of Detroit. This facility made use of new machines bought from Newbilt Machinery. However, the machines were found to be based on the same manual presses as found in the past.

This is where Viryl Technologies differs. Its machines are fully automated, and use modern methods to create records much more efficiently. The people behind the initiative are very excited about using new data and techniques to manufacture the perfect vinyl.

Machines Taking Care of Everything

Vinyl records are manufactured by applying heat to pucks of PVC and then pressing them together. The presses that have been designed by Viryl Technologies make the process a lot easier. All the worker has to do is load materials, and enter the required settings for weight and color into the computer. The rest is all taken care of by the machine.

Exciting Future Prospects

The company is already in contact with different buyers from around the world for their presses. They will be shipping each press for about $160,000. The first sale is soon to be closed with a company based in Toronto.

While a lot of people had written off vinyl records as a popular music listening medium, many others stayed faithful to the classic product. Vinyl sales have slowly been increasing in Canada, which is why Viryl Technologies has decided to play a part in its revival.

One can easily see the increase in sales, thanks to the data gathered by Nielsen Music. According to them, 517,400 records were bought in Canada in 2015. This marked a 30 percent increase in sales than the previous year. This shows how people are moving back towards the use of vinyl, and that it is not an obscure product anymore.

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