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Vinyl Sales Boosted Thanks to Streaming Music!
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Vinyl Sales Boosted Thanks to Streaming Music!

Ready for something ironic? Music streaming sites are actually boosting the sales of vinyl records. Yes, it’s good news for vinyl record manufacturers and artists. More than 50% of consumers say that they’ve purchased vinyl records only after listening to a particular song or the entire album online. The data is the result of an ICM poll as relayed by the BBC.

It seems that increasingly, vinyl loving Millenials understand that if they truly value a certain artist, they should support them financially-- by actually buying their album. Vinyl collectors seem to be following an ethical code of sorts, in addition to following the deep, rich sound experience records provide.

Increasingly, folks buy vinyl records for their old-school charm, and/or the desire to physically buy and hold onto music like their parents did. It’s the newest kind of cool. This generation won't be satisfied with simply streaming sound. They want more.

This revival of vinyl during an economic period of decline is a real success story for the music industry. 

People stream music for its convenience. But if a record collector truly loves a certain track, they'll buy the record and keep that experience with them for life. It’s a kind of connection-- a bond that people can literally hold close to their hearts.

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