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A Quick DIY Fix for Warped Vinyl
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A Quick DIY Fix for Warped Vinyl

We’ve all been there: your favorite artist’s newest vinyl arrives at your door and you anxiously start peeling off the plastic wrap, only to find that the vinyl has terribly warped. While some believe that a warped vinyl is essentially useless, there are some ways you can fully restore it to its original state,  and they are quite cheap too!

How does warping occur?

Vinyl warping can happen due to many factors. When it comes to the new vinyls you’ve ordered on the internet, most of the time these simply get squeezed between other packages and become slightly deformed. The older ones that have been sitting on your shelf for many years may have been exposed to excessive heat. You’d be amazed to find out how easy it is for a vinyl to melt!

Required tools

Virtually every fix requires a heavy flat surface which you’ll be using to put pressure on the vinyl and straighten it out. To do this, you can either use 2 standard glass sheets or large tiles. Just make sure their surface is flat; you’d like to avoid unnecessary scratches at all costs.

Heat is your friend

In order to make your vinyl new again, you’ll need some heat. Since heat is what makes them bend in the first place, we’ll be using it to reverse engineer the process. What you’ll need to do is warm up whatever flat surface you had come across. This can either be done outside on the sun if the climate permits, or simply in the oven.

Preheat your oven for about 10 minutes and then put the glass sheets inside. The most optimal time to keep them inside is around 2 minutes, but it wouldn’t hurt to opt for less the first time.

Once the sheets are hot enough, take them out (use oven mitts) and place them on a flat surface. Put the vinyl between them and let it cool off for a few hours. If done right, your vinyl should be in perfect shape! Be careful not to overdo the heating process, as it will certainly destroy your vinyl. If you’re unsure, try using an older vinyl or one you are not particularly fond of, or go for the minimal temperature and try increasing it with each “session”.

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